Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gay marriage vs gay parenting

I received some hateful personal comments in response to my post title "Freedom of speech", hence I feel the need to clarify my position.

I'm not against any individual engaging in any activities that don't harm other individuals.

Basically, if one smokes pot, and smoking pot is their only deed, the government shouldn't be after you, neither would I feel compelled to take any actions against it.
Similarly, if one chooses to engage in a romantic relationship with a partner of the same sex, that is entirely their business and none of my or the government's business. Two (or more) adults can form any kind of unions they want - I couldn't care less.

Gay parenting, on the other hand, introduces another party to the equation - the child. The child is subjected to living in a gay family without his/her approval and consent. One can't hide behind the "what we do is our business" line when children are involved - it's not your business only anymore, it's the child's business too.

If you are inclined to believe that for millions of years, mother nature erred in choosing to pro-create by forming heterosexual couples, sure - that's an opinion which you are entitled to have. What you are not entitled to is the ability to force that upon children who have no voice in the matter. Just like we as a society force certain things upon parents: car seats, school education, etc. - we need to ensure that every child is allowed to have a mother and a father, because every child deserves them. We should promote "traditional" family values not because some senators or Bible says so, but because it's only natural.

This includes out-of-wedlock and teen-age births, by the way, as well as divorces in child-bearing families. We should make it as difficult as possible legally and culturally for those things to happen. Divorce laws, public assistance regulations, etc. all need to be re-visited with this in mind. We as a society need to educate young people about the importance of traditional families (one could refer to that as "propaganda").

To summarize, my belief in children's right to a mother and a father is consistent and is not aimed against any particular minority group. As a father and as a child in a family where my father wasn't always there for us two boys, I care deeply about this issue.

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