Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big government really an anti-dote to evil of big business?

Big businesses use big government to rig the game.

Without big government, big business will have to compete fairly against small business and small business will probably win because it's more efficient than big business. (or it may lose if big business is better)

Yes, big business has more financial resources to win in the competition. But, if their lawyers and lobbyists don't have a big corrupt government to buy officials/judges/etc., then the lawyers and the lobbyists are useless. If the government is small and consists of honest hardworking officials, then there's no one to bribe with all that cash that big business has.

Sure lots of cash in the bank helps to market the product more, create a better brand strategy, do more R&D, etc. (which is good for everyone, as that expenditure goes to other people's pockets). But then, big business suffers from the same kind of inefficiency and corruption like big governments. So the advantages of being big is offset by the shortcomings of being big.

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