Sunday, March 4, 2012

Global warming proven to be bullshit, again

Basically, their whole propaganda is full of lies and deceit.

  • "CO2 pollutes" - it doesn't, it's clean and safe for fauna and it's GOOD for flora.
  • Videos of black smoke pouring out of some factories - bullshit, CO2 is colorless.
  • "We don't have proof, but we have models that prove it" - bullshit, their models don't prove anything.
  • Heard this on NPR - "Public opinion swayed towards science - more people believe in global warming" - I thought science was not based on beliefs, but on knowledge? Whatever happened to that?

Aside from the whole idea being ridiculous scientifically, and from the fact that the climate alarmist people were warning of global cooling between 1940-1970 (also due to heavy industrial pollution), they're just lying too much. You can tell the whole thing is a hoax without even easily proving them wrong scientifically - just by analyzing the propaganda techniques and the logical "shortcuts" they use.

Typical example:

"Peter Gleick lied, but was it justified by the wider good?"
"Gleick has been criticised for how his Heartland Institute probe, but perhaps more climate scientists should play dirty"

Oh my god!!! They even say that, yes, he lied, but we should all lie more, so that we can brainwash the fools more effectively!!!!

And of course, the image of some industrial pipes spewing thick smoke (which can't possibly be CO2, but who cares).....

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