Monday, March 5, 2012

Global warming is not based on science, but on beliefs, thus it's a religion

It's not about scientists or science. That's another deceit that people fell for - if you are against man-mad global warming, you are automatically against science. That's stupid - I'm not against science, but I'm against these clown who pretend to be scientists.

  • Hockey stick - that Steve guy analyzed the formula that was used for the hockey stick, and proved it was a bad formula.
  • Climategate - emails were stolen, in which global warming supporters discuss how they can silence opposition by digging up dirt on them, and by hiding climate date that doesn't suit their ideas. (this happened twice)
  • IPCC - as i said, it's not about the actual science of it. It's a question of process - they did write things, that they claimed to be "verified research", which later turned out to be written by some students to have no experience with environmental studies.
  • Koch brothers - I know they are evil, :) but they funded a research into global warming, which came back saying global warming does exist, and then lead scientist on that team came out and said no, there's no global warming last 10 years, and the formal result is flawed, etc.

Again, people say "pollution" - but CO2 doesn't pollute. And if people choose to believe that 0.00039 of air can do 0.01 of greenhouse effect, without seeing ANY proof of that, that's their choice. But it's not science anymore - it's religion.

Believing in things without proof is religion. Global warming is a religion, not a science.

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