Monday, September 3, 2012

"Freedom" of speech

Adult children of gay couples were two to four times as likely to be on public assistance, more than twice as likely to be unemployed and more than twice as likely to have contemplated suicide.
The inquiry was conducted by a four-member advisory panel composed of senior university faculty members, who seized Regnerus’ computers and 42,000 emails.

The study indicates that children raised by gay parents experienced worse childhoods on average than children of married couples of the opposite sex, who were also their biological parents.

A professor publishing a research not in line with the mainstream bullshit is accused of all possible and impossible sins, his university computers and communication seized, etc. Why stop there - he should be jailed! executed!
Funny choice of verb by LGBTweekly, too - "exonerated" - as if he was previously found guilty of a crime. How dare he say something they don't like! Surely he's a criminal.

The willingness of so many people to ignore the basic tenets of nature - that 99% of species, particularly mammals, need a couple of the opposite sex for pro-creation - shows how hypocritical have we as a society become. The same people will scream "science" when it suits their views (or they think it does, or they think they can convince others it does), yet science would be the first thing to forget when it doesn't.

Come on, people! If you disagree, go conduct your own study – which should prove him wrong, right? Why all this character assassination, accusations of dishonesty, etc.? Could it be your understanding of him being correct and you being wrong? and consequently, your inability to argue the actual point?
Should LGBT movement’s reaction to Regnerus’ study then be construed as acknowledgement of his correctness?

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nice post, it proves what I always suspected