Saturday, February 18, 2012

Having kids in the USA

I don't get this shit -

I think in this country they like the idea of putting people to jail, 20 years for this one, 1 year for a woman from Kansas whose son walked to school (they charged her with "endangering child's welfare" - WTF?!!! - heard about it on the radio, but similar story reported here -, etc. I'm seriously considering leaving, (given than schools basically perform lobotomy on students anyways) this is becoming a mental house. With US citizenship, maybe i can find a job somewhere in EU or something.

In US, easiest way to go to jail?
1) Rob a bank - nope - high chances you'll get away, all you need is a note that says you have a gun.
2) Run a ponzi scheme - nope - Madoff did it for 25 years and "retired" after having all the fun a man could have in his life.
3) Sell drugs - nope - states now have $100 citations for possession, if you're smart, you can get away with never being charged for trafficking, which will get you probation and some other conditional sentencing anyways the first couple of times you're caught.
4) Steal - nope - cops don't do shit about it, because it's difficult for them, if they catch someone red handed in the store, sure, but if your house is robbed, good fucking luck.
5) Corruption - nope - congress blocks laws that prohibit them from insider trading, while printing trillions of new dollars, devaluing our savings, which is essentially stealing.
55) Have children - YES! you do something that has the remote possibility of looking bad in some bastard cops and judges eyes - BOOM! 20 years.

This is exactly what "Orwellian means" - shit is upside down. And then they're like, "why is marriage broken, why don't white people have more kids, etc"

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